Custom Clothing and your Personal Style

Dressing with confidence is the foundation of personal style

For the past 30 years I have had the great privilege of designing custom clothing for hundreds of individuals, many of whom, initially, did not exactly know the style they wanted to wear, but they knew they wanted the best quality and the best fit possible—always a great point of departure!

Style and design are most often a variation on a theme. Seasonal fashion trends come and go. Do not be too influenced by such. Defining your own “personal style” will allow you to distinguish between fleeting trends and enduring style.  Consider the following points:

  1. Building a custom wardrobe particular to you.
  2. Understand the advantage of quality clothing.
  3. Making the investment in custom clothing will save you money.
  4. Know the value of a seasoned custom clothier/tailor.

Utilizing a custom clothier to assist in helping define your “personal style” is a smart decision. Custom clothiers have the breadth and depth of experience to point out differences in Italian Neapolitan tailoring vs. English or American tailoring and what design elements define each style. 

I have yet to meet a client that did not want to present himself in a personal and particular way—something the fashion world calls, “personal style.” I extend an invitation to call me. Let’s talk wardrobe and arrange a time to meet- 435-255-1285

Gary Mosley
Custom Clothier

Phone: 435-255-1285

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